Alex Bierk is a self-taught regional artist living in Peterborough, Ontario. His paintings reflect a personal history and explore the intersection of emotional realities and broader social and economic contexts. Bierk's works are labor-intensive and focus on the complexities of memory and place. He has exhibited his works both nationally and internationally and has been featured in Border Crossings Magazine, The Toronto Star, and Canadian Art Magazine. Bierk's paintings can be found in the collections of the Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, The Shinola Hotel (Detroit), the City of Peterborough, and the Art Gallery of Peterborough, as well as in various private collections.

Bierk, who has personal experience with addiction, has leveraged his career and influence as an artist to become a community advocate. In addition to his art, Bierk is also active in local politics and was recently elected as a city councillor for downtown Peterborough, where he lives and works.