By Way of Conclusion

San Salvador is widely recognized in

Latin America as a Metal capital,
This photo montage music video
put together by the motorcycle gang

Los Buitres in honor of Chente Sibrian,

here in his wheelchair,

long haired godfather,
electric guitar laid flat over his lap,
plucking the strings,
did you know after the Chapultepec treaty, we
didn’t just get the National Anthropology Museum and the

new Shopping Malls, but also
ninety metal bands in just San Salvador alone?
Much more now and counting,
I’ll start a new band right now too with the same name of
this poem,
as addendum to Bataille—
my historian friend Elena and I cross the street,
she tells me if we put plaques up for
every state-sanctioned death in San Salvador,
we’d be nailing commemorative plaques on top of each other,

on every street corner,
I’m not surprised ninety metal bands rose up at once
to scream along to screams that never stopped vibrating,
I’m lejano so my screams sound more like Noise,
I’m lejano and queer so it sounds more Goth,
Saturn was in Scorpio when i started my first band,
Uranus Square Natal Uranus,
those Boston basements,
blacked-out trance,
lyrics improvised on the spot,
I was me, but then I was gone,
I never remembered what I sang any given night,
never remembered anything from our sets, but I’d
wake up a smeared lipstick faggot,
mosh pit bruises,
my torn up princess sleeve on my gold dress,
I remember sitting hungover at Twin Donuts for breakfast,

watching the wave drift back into the ocean,
waiting for the screaming in my ears to return
to their undercurrent frequency.